Tough 2D platformer that breaks a lot of unwritten design rules/assumptions I've held for years.

'Breaker' was made for the "Game Breaker's Toolkit Jam", in which the goal is to make the worst game possible. I decided to try to look at the various rules I have begun to follow over the years when it comes to making games. I follow these rules so my games won't be bad, but maybe I'm wrong. So here I try to break them to challenge my assumptions.

I'm pretty sure if you can beat level 1 you can beat the entire game if you have enough patience.

Use arrow keys to move. You'll learn about other controls while playing the game.

Made withUnity
Tags2D, Difficult, Singleplayer

Install instructions

Extract the zip


Download 20 MB


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I like how if I die too much the spikes top working 5/5 in frustration and unfairness!